Why do we have to use Mojo for all marketing and communication requests?

The marketing department serves the entire College (from Admissions and Academics to our Student organizations) and the College Foundation. When a request is made in passing or in an email, it can easily be overlooked or forgotten. The Mojo ticket system allows us to keep track of all requests and make sure we are not causing delays in production. It may seem like a simple "please post this to..." or "can you take a photo of..." is alright and does not need a ticket but all requests must go through the Mojo system. We have updated our forms to ask only the necessary information so the process should be smoother and quicker. Here is a thought we use when contemplating doing something, "If I don't want to take the few minutes to properly fill out a request, is the project really that important?" Anything worth doing is worth doing right!
Published on: 2017-04-14
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